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EeCoff Corporate Wear



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This EeCoff corporate wear sweater with a regular fit is brushed inside and made with coffee yarn, a natural solution to add functional features such as Dry Cool, UV protection, odour control and breathability. Thanks to the inside brushing and coffee yarn our EeCoff sweater will keep you dry and comfortable during an intensive day at work.

  • 280 g/m2




  • 100% Recycled polyester
  • Coffee yarn
  • Dope dye gekleurd


We promote the circular economy by using recycled and upcycled yarns made from plastic bottles or clothing that might otherwise end up as landfill.

The use of recycled polyester helps to reduce:

  • The “waste mountain”
  • Co2 emissions
  • Energy consumption


We use waste products like coffee grounds to add functional features to our fabrics. These choices reduce the amount of chemicals we use and support the recycling process.

The added functional benefits of using carbonised coffee grounds are:

  • Dry-Cool
  • UV protection
  • Odour control
  • Breathable


We use the Dope Dye method to add colour to our products.

Dope Dye uses 90% less water than the technique used to dye cotton, and 50–60% less water when compared to other traditional dyeing methods. It reduces CO2 emissions by 60% and uses 60% less energy and chemicals.

The dope dye process has significant
eco-friendly advantages over traditional techniques:

  • It needs almost no water.
  • It produces no chemical-laden wastewater
  • It uses less energy. 


We are very conscious of our responsibility to care for our people and our planet. We strive to promote the maintenance of an ecological balance by avoiding the exploitation of the earth’s natural resources. That’s why we opt for environmentally friendly methods like dope dyeing and recycled polyester. We reuse waste products like coffee grounds. As well as being eco-friendly, these methods actually enhance the functionality of our clothing. We work with trusted manufacturing partners in China to uphold the fashion industry’s standards, and we ensure good working conditions in the factories that make our products.


If you are interested in purchasing our EECOFF products please feel free to contact our backoffice at

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